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PLATFORM and Application Framework

Organizations need to deliver new applications and services as quickly as possible while minimizing business risk. Legacy approaches to securing these new applications rely on uncoordinated security technologies that require highly manual responses and can’t keep up with the overwhelming volume of advanced threats, let alone the logs and alerts they generate. This track is designed to show security professionals how the Next-Generation Security Platform and our groundbreaking Application Framework are disrupting the cybersecurity industry, including hands-on sessions for advanced practitioners.

Threat Prevention

The Threat Prevention track offers insights into the latest cyberattacks, and the technologies and best practices needed to prevent them. Hear from Palo Alto Networks users and product experts on how best to utilize the Next-Generation Security Platform to maintain consistent security across your organization. This track has been developed for security professionals who want to get the most out of their Palo Alto Networks investments.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

With unknown threats posing the biggest risks, learn how Palo Alto Networks Traps™ advanced endpoint protection uses automation and analytics to prevent known threats from infecting endpoints, detect and neutralize unknown threats, and minimize the time needed to investigate, with rich threat intelligence for rapid response and remediation.

Securing the Public Cloud

The public cloud is often referred to as “someone else’s computer,” but the responsibility for protecting your applications and data in the cloud remains with you, not the provider. This track focuses on how the VM-Series and Aperture™ SaaS security service can help you protect your applications and data deployed on AWS and Azure. These public cloud security sessions will range from in-depth architecture and automation discussions to business processes and justification.

Threat Research with Unit 42

Unit 42, the Palo Alto Networks threat research team, will provide insights on the latest threat trends and activities in this track, filled with valuable information and hands-on tips to help you make your network more secure. You’ll hear from researchers at the forefront of cyber defense.

Secure your Data Centre and Private Cloud

Protecting your data center and private cloud environments should be near every security professional’s heart. This track focuses on private cloud security and how Palo Alto Networks protects your assets in the most sensitive part of your business. Learn about Zero Trust policy, successful network segmentation, data center security best practices and other topics of interest for this critical part of your business.

Protecting Data in SaaS Applications

SaaS applications are becoming a larger part of today's business – but how do you protect shared assets in SaaS environments against cyberattacks in this growing field of business enablement? This track highlights the latest advancements Palo Alto Networks has made when it comes to protecting assets in company-approved SaaS applications across your environment.

Network Security

Want to extract the maximum value from your network security deployment? Attend the network security track to hear best practice recommendations and real-life case studies from Palo Alto Networks experts and your peers.

Data Privacy in Europe

Data privacy is a key topic for cyber security not just in Europe but worldwide. This track will focus on the recent changes in legislation and showcases how Palo Alto Networks supports data privacy requirements and provides Ignite attendees the opportunity to learn deployment use cases as well as best practices as they relate to data privacy.

Service Provider

Protecting mobile/fixed networks from cybersecurity threats and delivering consistent security to users and businesses across all devices and locations.

Technology Integration Partners

Palo Alto Networks partners with many technology companies to help make prevention a reality for our customers. This track focuses on several important partnerships and the value we provide together.


Security for mobile workers and remote offices

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