*Tracks and breakout sessions below are subject to change.

Win the Cyberwar with Zero Trust

Speaker: John Kindervag, Field CTO, Palo Alto Networks

Zero Trust is revolutionizing network security architecture: it is data-centric and designed to stop data breaches. Zero Trust also adds a layer of agility to modern networks that is impossible to do in traditional network designs. These 21st century networks have been adopted by government entities and large enterprises around the world. In this session, John will discuss the concept of Zero Trust and explain why Zero Trust is the world's only true cybersecurity strategy. He will show show a Zero Trust Strategy will achieve tactical and operational goals. This session will demonstrate how Zero Trust will not only transform network security but function as a business enabler, by focusing on the businesses grand strategic objectives.

Best Practices for the Centralized Firewall Management Using Panorama

Speaker: Saurabh Pradhan, Sr Product Manager, Palo Alto Networks

Whether it's a handful or hundreds of firewalls, Panorama can help you maintain their security effectiveness and performance. This session will cover best practices for maintaining centralized configurations, tracking changes, and streamlining workflows using Panorama. We will also provide an overview of Panorama 8.1 features such as Rule Usage Analysis, Reusability of Templates, and Device Performance Metrics, which will help network practitioners to simplify operations and adopt next-generation security with confidence.

A Unified Approach to Detection and Response Across Network, Endpoint and Cloud

Speaker: Paul Crutchfield, Systems Engineer Specialist, Palo Alto Networks

Detection and response has yet to reach its full potential where it can be central to security operations and be useful for any threat type, not just endpoint related attacks. Join us as we walk through how Traps advanced endpoint protection and Secdo, the latest acquisition by Palo Alto Networks, apply a prevention-first strategy, reduce the opportunity for attack, and enable any security analyst to rapidly determine root cause and business impact of even the most complicated of attacks.

WildFire and Threat Prevention: An Update on a Threat Approach to Stopping the Adversary

Speaker: Garrett Hamilton, Product Line Manager, Palo Alto Networks

In this session you’ll learn in depth about the technical inter-workings of features released over the last year from WildFire, Threat Prevention and URL Filtering services. You will also learn more about the future of WildFire support for US government customers.

This talk will focus on:

  • How a Threat researcher approaches the problem of detecting and preventing the most common to the most evasive techniques observed in cybersecurity
  • New attack trends found with the extension of Wildfire to support Linux servers and IOT devices
  • Why SMB protocol support and advances in network pattern matching are enabling prevention in more areas of the network
  • Update on the WildFire cloud built to support US Government customers.

Product Update: Protecting Government Workloads on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

Speaker: Jigar Shah, Product Line Manager, Palo Alto Networks

Whether your organization is deploying workloads and data in the standard or government specific regions, security remains of paramount concern. Each of the major cloud providers will emphasize that security is a shared responsibility – they protect the infrastructure, you protect your apps and data and that is where Palo Alto Networks can help. In this session, Jigar Shah, Product Line Manager for Public Cloud will provide product updates on how we can securely accelerate your move to the cloud with consistent protection for cloud infrastructure (VM-Series), platform (Evident) and workloads (Traps). These security capabilities can be integrated into your cloud app development lifecycle making cloud security frictionless for the development and security teams.

Securing your Private Cloud: Lessons Learned from Real-World Customer Deployments

Speaker: Jaimin Patel, Sr Product Manager, Palo Alto Networks

Over the last five years, we have seen many organizations take the challenging journey to secure their private clouds. The choice of software-defined data center infrastructure (VMware NSX, Cisco ACI et al) and varied security deployment models available within them, requires planning, to help achieve an effective security design within your private cloud. We discuss them in detail and provide real-world examples of how organizations are leveraging software-defined networking and Palo Alto Networks firewalls to operationalize security within your private cloud.

Securing the Digital Transformation of Critical infrastructure without Affecting Reliability

Speaker: Tim Jones, Director of Systems Engineering – Public Sector (FEDCIV & SLED), ForeScout Technologies Inc.

Federal organizations are introducing digital innovations into critical infrastructure and IT systems at an aggressive rate. The result is an ever-increasing attack surface of possible threat vectors. It is no longer feasible to simply air-gap networks or protect the perimeter as the primary security measure. It is critical to dynamically discover, segment and protect connected devices and respond to threats regardless of device type or network tier. Reduce your attack surface and prevent the spread of threats by learning how together ForeScout and Palo Alto Networks help streamline security operations, boost compliance and proactively combat threats.

Identify and Defeat Adversaries using the Security Operating Platform with Splunk Integration

Speaker: Mark Harman, Federal Solutions Architect, Palo Alto Networks

Find out if sophisticated adversaries those nation-state actors and well-funded cybercriminal organizations possessing the ability to execute cyber campaigns are operating in your network. Enable your SOC to prioritize actions against those “most dangerous to the mission or business” and to determine in real-time if you are winning or losing the fight against them by integrating Threat Intelligence from AutoFocus with context-rich log data from Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls and Advanced EndPoint Protection using the Palo Alto App for Splunk.

The Coming Convergence of NatSec and CyberSec: A National Cyber Moonshot

Speaker: Tom Patterson, Chief Trust Officer, Unisys

Cyber security is converging with key aspects of national security, and that interlock is only getting stronger. It is therefore imperative that as a nation, we approach our cybersecurity with the same foresight, effort and intensity once reserved for national security. This talk will discuss a new whole of nation effort currently being considered at the highest levels of Government and industry that seeks to change the risk dynamics for critical infrastructure, and establish safe and secure environments for Americans to conduct critical services on the Internet.