Pick Your Guardian


"Your bird's-eye visibility"

Need a 360-degree view to better understand cybersecurity? A crystalc -lear vantage point from above? The speed to identify threats before they infiltrate your critical business operations? The Platform Falcon provides a foundation for the prevention capabilities of the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform – from network security, to SaaS to all endpoints in between. So you can develop a bird’s-eye-view over your most sacred business interests.

Track 1: Next-Generation Security Platform Explained


"A primate's grip on implementation"

Even with the best security partner on your side, it doesn't amount to much without corporate-wide implementation. But when you study the ways of the Monkey, you have less room for error. Become a master of methodology. An expert of details. And by the end of your training, know the do’s and don’ts of security implementation like the back of your opposable thumb.

Track 9: Best Practices for the Advanced Practitioner


"Leap toward threats"

When it comes to combating cybersecurity threats, the Lizard is downright cold-blooded. Learn important lessons from the Lizard like how to keep a low profile, discern good visitors from bad, and stop predatory advances before they strike. In this Ignite '17 track, you’ll find the poison you need to beat malware, credential thieves, hackers and a whole lot more.

Track 2: Advanced Threat Prevention Strategies
Track 10: Threat Research/Unit 42


"Navigating with confidence"

Who do you trust when seeking a partner for your network security needs? With a vast ocean of choices, the task can seem daunting. Here’s a safeguard that can help. This Beluga of brilliant advice can guide you through uncharted waters, so you can integrate the right partners into a successful security platform.

Track 8: Technology Integration With Palo Alto Networks


"Guardian of peaceful connections"

Endpoints are the tablets, laptops, desktops and wireless devices connect to your corporate network. They're also the most vulnerable passageways to a cyberattack, which is why you need an impenetrable shield – or better yet, a tortoise shell. Summon this guardian at Ignite '17 to gain turtle-level wisdom and forge a peaceful network free of phishing, malware or any other malicious activity.

Track 3: Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection – Replace AV and Prevent Attacks


"The damsel of no-stress"

From your ever-evolving cloud structure to a constant influx of new SaaS applications entering workflow, it's hard enough getting your head around such a complex ecosystem, let alone protecting it. Now you can find comfort at this year's Ignite17 by summoning your cyber safeguard, the Dragonfly. In the spirit of the Dragonfly, you'll learn the art of adaptability in a successful cloud computing strategy.

Track 4: Securing AWS Deployments
Track 5: Securing Azure Deployments
Track 6: Protecting the Data Center and Private Cloud
Track 7: Rethinking Security for SaaS Applications