Arrival and Departure Times

Arrival Airport: Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
Arrival Flight: Hands-On Workshops and Ultimate Test Drives will take place on Monday, June 12. If you’d like to participate, you may arrive any time on Sunday, June 11. The conference opens with a welcome reception on the evening of Monday, June 12.
Departure Flight: Ignite 2017 ends at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 15, and departure flights should not be scheduled to depart YVR before 5:30 p.m.

Conference Location

999 Canada Place #200
Vancouver, BC V6C 3C1

Electronic Travel Authorizations (eTA) or Visitor Visa

As of March 15, 2016, visa-exempt foreign nationals are expected to have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada. Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travelers with a valid Canadian visa. Canadian citizens, including dual citizens, and Canadian permanent residents are not eligible to apply for an eTA. U.S. Permanent Residents possessing a Green Card or valid permit to re-enter the United States require an eTA. You may need an eTA before you board your flight to Canada, even if you are just transiting through the country. Once the application process is complete, most applications are approved within minutes of submission. If you do not receive immediate approval, you will receive an email from the CIC with instructions for completing your application. The authorization is electronically linked to your passport and is valid for five years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. To find out if you need an eTA to travel to Canada, please visit:

eTA Application Process

To apply for an eTA please visit: To apply you will need a valid passport from a visa-exempt country. You cannot apply using a Refugee Travel Document. U.S. permanent residents can apply with a valid Green Card, U.S. Refugee Travel Document or a valid permit to re-enter the United States. They will also require a passport from their country of nationality.

Visitor Visa Application Process

Citizens of the following countries require a Visitor Visa to travel to Canada: Afghanistan, Argentina, Brazil, China, Columbia, Egypt, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, and United Arab Emirates. Citizens of Taiwan are required to hold a passport with a national identification number. If you are a citizen of the Republic of China and do not hold a passport with a national identification number, you will require a visa.

To apply for a visitor visa, please visit:

If you are required to travel with an eTA or visitor visa you should:

  • Get it when you plan your trip – do not wait for the last minute to apply in the event there is a delay (see Travel documents), and travel to Canada with the passport you used to get your eTA or visa.
  • Travelers with passports from visa-required countries and territories need a visitor visa (temporary resident visa) to enter Canada.

If you are a permanent resident of Canada and a citizen of a visa-exempt country or a citizen of a visa-required country, you need to travel with your Canadian permanent resident (PR) card or permanent resident travel document when flying to Canada. Otherwise, you may not be able to board your flight to Canada.

If you require a business travel letter, please email

For more information about Vancouver, visit this website.


If you have been convicted of a crime or have been arrested for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence), you may be considered inadmissible to Canada and required to apply for a Temporary Resident Permit. Inadmissibility is often determined by the severity of the offense and how long ago the offense occurred; click here to review the reasons for inadmissibility to Canada.

Temporary Resident permits require you to apply in person at a Canadian Consulate; click here for consulate locations.

Palo Alto Networks has enlisted the support of Davidson & Sons Customs Brokers to assist any Ignite 2017 attendees with questions or concerns regarding potential inadmissibility. We strongly urge you to contact them to help guide you through this process. All correspondence with Davidson & Sons is strictly confidential.


Bob Warnock


9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. PST, Monday - Friday

All applications and fees associated with a Temporary Resident Permit will be your personal responsibility.

Palo Alto Employee Flight Ticketing Process

AMER - Book through Concur per standard company policy

EMEA - To submit a request for your flight booking, click here. If you experience any issues, email

APAC - To submit a request for your flight booking, click here. If you experience any issues, email